Pier Giorgio Danella
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I am a passionate photographer for more than 30 years now...
My name is Pier Giorgio, nick name PG. I was born in Pontecorvo a small city between Roma and Napoli. At age 18, I moved to Siena to study Banking & Finance at University. In my luggage I included also my Olympus OM-2 Camera and "the interest for war reportages". In Siena luckly I met two awesome photo-teachers as well as professional photographers, Fabio Muzzi and Pietro Cinotti, they are still today my "travel life mates". Pietro and Fabio decided during the middle 80ies to open a Photo-Journalism/Press Agency in Siena, the famous ZOOM Agency. Thanks to Pietro and Fabio's support, I started to develop my photography interest in a more professional way. Using from time to time Fabio's Nikon-system, it was a natural consequence for me to swap the Olympus system to a Nikon one. The legendary Zoom Agency was able to offer all services around photography and photo-journalism, but not only, it was also the meeting point of many famous professional photographers, especially during the Siena's Palios days, like Francesco Cito and Gianni Giansanti just to mention two italians. Today I am working in Investment Banking and living in Frankfurt. My freelance photography activity has increased and improved in some aspect. I love social-geopolitical themes... and "behind the wars".
A special thanks go to all people that have supported me in this PASSION...

My photo-reportages have been published by the Italian Magazine "Il Reportage", FAZ Magazine, FAZ Net, Schweizer Monat and Corriere d'Italia.

Jordan 2015 - Informal Refugee Settlement
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Jordan 2015 - Informal Refugee Settlement
Pietro Cinotti and Fabio Muzzi, Foto Zoom founders
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Pietro Cinotti and Fabio Muzzi, Foto Zoom founders

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